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"Mikaela can only wait and worry, in dread of what Kamryn will devise for her punishment. The price of admission but put that with the strap-on fucking, hard rope bondage, including a fantastic suspension, foot Mikaela, face slapping, flogging and too many forced orgasms! When she catches a hooded intruder trying to jerk off over her she switches into fierce Mikaela mode."

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"The Farm the Holy Grail of Bondage, Cherry says. Its just the beginning of a long ordeal. Metal cock cranked into her cunt, pussy hook, wrists and neck shackled to the floor, her tits tied until they go blue."

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"With delicate face and petite body, Lystra reminds you of a little bird, her clear eyes catching you in the most extraordinary moments."

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Infernalrestraints pic gallery starring Nikki

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"So after cable ties bind her wrists and ankles, she admits to being a little nervous. Then its Mr. Pogo and a vibrator."

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